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Hawkeye Email App


Hawkeye (code name) Email app organizes all your mail accounts in one place, so you can find what you need even faster.
Email used to be simple. Now, we’re faced with a flood of messages arriving in multiple inboxes. It’s getting harder to manage, creating more stress than it relieves. That’s where Hawkeye (aka Alto Mail) comes in. Add all your mail accounts to our app and you can see everything in one place, including Gmail,, AOL Mail, Yahoo!, iCloud, and others. Beyond the typical inbox display, it provides organizational tools that automatically highlight important information so you can find what you need, when you need it.

Aggregation: All your emails from all your accounts are in one place. View them together or individually. 
Stacks: Read lists of mail based on the content of your messages. Scroll through all your photo attachments or files, see only messages from people you know, and more.
Cards: Access important travel and shopping information in an easy-to-read format without opening your email. 
Dashboard: Get easy access to all of your cards. Most relevant cards appear first. Scroll and tap to see even more details.